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Keep Watch Australia

Keep Watch Australia


Water is a fun and enjoyable environment for children.  Time spent in the water assists in a child's physical and intellectual development.  The ability to safely enjoy the water benefits us throughout life. Positive experiences begin from birth - bath time is the ideal introduction to the aquatic experience. Parents and carers can encourage children to feel comfortable in the water by playing and making bath time fun.


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Clean Up Australia Day

Clean up Australia DayEvery year hundreds of thousands of Australians help clean up their local environment on Clean Up Australia Day.

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Australia Day 2010

Australia DayAustralia Day is on the 26th of January, there are many celebrations happening across all of NSW.


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Smart Online, Safe Online

SOSOSMART ONLINE SAFE OFFLINE (SOSO) is a unique social initiative bringing together community, government and the digital media industry to deliver online campaigns, aimed at educating young internet users about the dangers in their online environment.

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